Allen Onyia

September 2021

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Listen to the music that inspires Allen Onyia and the collection.

1. Clouded (ChopNotSlop Remix) – Brent Faiyaz
2. I Like It – Debarge
3. Ye – Burna Boy
4. Sue Me – Wale
5. Ghost Town – Kanye West

Allen Onyia is a multifaceted style powerhouse with over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry. He’s established a trusted brand as​ a Creative Director, Designer, Style Coach,​ and Co-Founder of popular men’s fashion platform UpscaleHype, which was named the most important menswear Instagram account by GQ Magazine. Under his “Style is a Sport” motto, Allen has developed a unique and respected style perspective. His keen eye​ for style and in-depth, thorough, and informed approach to fashion has led to him working with brands such as Lanvin, Apple, and The NBA.

Allen’s proven track record for organically building fashion brands, identifying emerging trends, and advancing style into new directions, has garnered him a loyal​ and engaged fan base.