Meet the 2013
Go Red Women

For the past 10 years, women have been the heart and soul of Go Red For Women®. Their collective energy, passion, time, money and HEART has saved thousands of lives.

Real women, and real stories are at the heart of everything that we do. Please help us inspire women everywhere to Go Red by booking an interview with one of the 2013 Go Red Women.

Kimberly Montgomery, 50
Milwaukee, WI - Heart attack survivor
Amy Heinl, 42
Pittsburgh, PA - Heart attack survivor
Gail Alexander-Wright, 41
Chesapeake, VA - Stroke and heart attack survivor
Christie Thompson, 51
Jefferson City, MO - Heart attack survivor
Lidia Morales, 39
South Gate, CA - Heart disease survivor
Rachel D’Souza-Siebert, 29
St. Louis, MO - Heart attack survivor
Toni Wild, 49
Hattiesburg, MS - Heart transplant recipient
Rekisha Harris, 34
Denver, CO - Heart transplant recipient
Regan Judd, 22
Louisville, KY - Congenital heart disease
Mary Leah Coco, 31
Baton Rouge, LA - Heart disease survivor